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As commercial pressure washing experts, our goal is to provide business owners, investors, property managers, and government buildings with peace of mind and confidence in our ability to clean and pressure wash their properties. With our extensive experience in this field, we have provided seamless customer service, attention to detail, and a professional approach to pressure washing. Our exterior cleaning service is the way to go for removing buildup and giving your surfaces a facelift. It’s a great way to preserve the life of your building and save money on costly repairs. Maintenance through routine cleaning is the best way to keep your property in good condition. Our goal at Wet Wash America is to make your property look great and upgrade its curb appeal. We can give both the building and surrounding pavement that sparkling clean look with siding cleaning and walkway cleaning. Our sidewalk cleaning service will get rid of even the most ground-in dirt and brighten up your walkways. A building covered in graffiti does not make a good impression on visitors. This type of property looks neglected. We can provide you with graffiti removal to wash away all traces of paint and grime to keep your building looking professional. We provide services for all your exterior surfaces, including brick cleaning, concrete cleaning, and more. Impress all your guests with a freshly cleaned building! Call (732) 474-7575 in the Beachwood, NJ area and get your pressure washing estimate today.

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